Monday, July 11, 2011

Ten Things to Get Done

There are days that we just can't seem to accomplish anything. For some reason they are usually on Mondays for me. Close to nothing gets done when compared to how productive other days of the week are. One of those things that we just can't explain! Let's call it the Monday Syndrome!
So, inspired by an article I read last week by Gretchen Rubin, here is a list of ten things I always try to get done no matter what:

- Read the news
- Go to the gym
- Feed everybody some vegetables and fruits (including myself and the dog)
- Read to my kids
- Wear sunscreen
- Smile to as many people as possible, helping them when I can
- Work (even if there is no inspiration)
- Organize the kitchen
- Take the kids outside, even if they go to school
- Drink some coffee!

What is you bare minimum?


  1. Love the list, mine is similar
    1 - drink coffee (do not talk to me until I do so!)
    2 - prepare healthy breakfast for the girls (fruit included)
    3 - smile throughout the day and take everything with a grain of salt (that is AFTER coffee)
    4 - work
    5 - being daughter's chauffeur
    6 - always prepare a nice healthy dinner
    7 - work as a family in the garden (even if that means being hosed off by my toddler)
    8 - clean kitchen prior to going to bed

  2. My List:
    1 - Drink a glass of water
    2 - Get everyone to take a nap
    3 - Get everyone to eat at least one good healthy meal
    4 - Hold my 2 month old (without nursing) & without an interruption for at least 15 min (this is difficult w a 2 yr old)
    5 - Play with my two year old without an interruption for at least an hour (this is difficult w/ 2 month old)
    6 - tell everyone in the house that I love them
    7 - kiss everyone goodnight
    8 - Try to clean at least one room a day