Friday, July 8, 2011

Fan of the Week: Stephanie Hugley

Meet Stephanie Hugley, our Mom Fan of the Week.  Stephanie is a smart and creative mom of 3 kids, ranging from a 22 months to a 7 year old. She is a stay-at-home mom, and a military spouse living in Florida, US.

Best advice to make your kids eat healthy / What is in their lunchbox?
Have them help! While packing lunch, I always let my children choose between two things: apple or orange? Turkey or Peanut Butter? Yogurt or string cheese? For dinner they help too; If my son picks the veggies, then my daughter picks the fruit.

Kid gear you couldn't have lived without:
My ring sling!!! New baby, husband deployed, and soccer was a life saver! Our cloth diapers are a close second though.

Mantra to keep calm in chaotic moments:
"They are little for a short time. Soon they wont want you to hold or even talk to them." Or "this too shall pass".

Tricks to keep in shape:
I walk on the treadmill every morning. We take family bike rides every other day & weekly hikes at State Parks-it is cheap entertainment. It's nice to sneak in some education while walking too.

Best busy mom beauty trick:
All moms are beautiful, there is no trick. How can something that creates life, not be?

One green guilt:
No matter how hard I try, I forget my cloth bags when going to the grocery store half the time. Leaving them in the car doesn't seem to help me.

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