Thursday, July 14, 2011

Playground and Playland Hazard

"Mother of four and developmental psychologist Erin Carr-Jordan has videotaped more than 50 playlands from fast food restaurants such as Burger King, Chuck E. Cheese's and McDonald's. She sent samples from one location to a lab, which discovered 13 different pathogens that are able to cause disease in children—coliform, four different kinds of staph, likely meningitis and gonorrhea, and more."
She's found that some fast-food companies regularly clean their playlands and are happy to provide customers with their cleaning protocols — she singles out Chick-fil-A — but that representatives of Burger KingChuck E. Cheese's and McDonald's have either indicated they don't have any such protocols or have not responded.
Honestly, it is probably not different from parks and schools, and keeping kids away from those places is impossible, especially in the Summer. I guess washing their hands after playing is still a great practice!

Source: The Huffington Post and Los Angeles Times

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