Thursday, June 2, 2011

Attention Parent Travelers!

Starting this Wednesday, American Airlines is requiring passengers to check large strollers at the ticket counter instead of waiting until they get to their departure gate.

Parents won't be able to push their children from the counter to the gate in strollers that weigh more than 20 pounds or don't fold up.Parents will still be allowed to check smaller, umbrella-type strollers at the gate. There's no baggage fee for strollers, no matter what size, the airline says.



  1. It absolutely will not surprise me that sooner or later they will even make you pay for umbrella strollers. Most airline companies are in dire need of money so whatever they can do to adjust costs they will.

  2. I dont think its unreasonable for an airline to expect parents to come up with a stroller under 20lbs and that folds up. Everyone has to make concessions when they travel and even though it may be the trend to have strollers that resemble minivans, the airlines have no obligation to accommodate them. I am incredibly appreciative of all of the current gate check options.

  3. Sofia they aren't charging for large strollers-re read the article. I honestly don't blame them. I wouldn't want to lug around someones super heavy pain in the butt stroller thatching have easily been replaced with an umbrella stroller or checked with baggage... Seriously think about the poor guy who has to deal with it and get it to fit under the plane when it's heavy and uncooperative/not folding... I'd leave the stroller there at the airport if the person expecting me to get it on the plane didn't fold it for me at least... Oops we lost your stroller...