Friday, June 24, 2011

Mom Fan of the Week: Chrissy Racho

Meet Chrissy Racho, a knowledgeable mom of two beautiful girls under 3 years of age. Chrissy is also a blogger, professional photographer and a real state marketing consultant (and is training for a half marathon!). Busy mom!! 
She raises her kids in a gluten-free, vegetarian lifestyle in New England, USA.

1. Best advice to make your kids eat healthy:
From the very beginning, we knew we wanted our little girls to have a taste for various and interesting healthy foods. I am incredibly passionate about creating delicious recipes that are healthy and very nutritious. That is one of the reasons I started Sassy Little Cabbages, a lifestyle blog.  We do not eat a lot of "typical" meals based on the average American diet, I am gluten free and we do not eat meat. We focus on a mostly plant based diet, which means we substitute a lot of things like tofu or flax seed for eggs, almond milk for cows milk, etc. We try very hard not to eat any processed foods. Standard snacks for my little ones are fresh fruits and vegetables, hummus, fresh cooked fish, miso soup and so on. Basically, we just do not buy food we do not want them to eat and ask friends and family to stick to our rules. Of course, naughty snacks do sneak in and we do not want to deprive them. I feel that if you start young, they are most likely able to adapt to the food choices you teach them. Frankly, I could talk all day about healthy eating!

2. Kid Gear you couldn't live without:
We really love our pack and play. It allows us to get things done while baby is safe and playing with all of her goodies. When our first daughter was born, we bought all of the essential things most parents buy, but we are pretty minimal, so the basics seemed to suit us just fine! 

3. Mantra to keep calm in chaotic moments:
There will come a time where they are all grown up and as trying as the chaos is, we will miss it.

4. Tricks to keep in shape:
I am committed to working out six days per week and am training for a half marathon and am going to start training for a sprint triathlon. Fitness and overall health are at the top of my priority list and it means really sticking to my goals. My tip to busy moms is set small, realistic goals and even when you are not in the mood to exercise, do it! Once you put on your workout clothes and sneakers and start warming up, you will forget that you didn't want to start in the first place. Also, really be aware of your diet and nutrition. From the way you feel inside to the way you look outside, it all starts with how we nourish our bodies.
5. Best busy mom beauty trick:
Always wear blush and mascara. Always. You will feel brighter, happier and prettier no matter what you are doing! And pearl studs...I do not leave the house without them!
6. One green guilt:
When running out shopping with two little ones in tow, I know I can be much better about using my reusable grocery bags.
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