Friday, June 3, 2011

Fan of the Week: Sofia Reino

We are super excited to introduce our first Fan of the Week: Sofia Reino.
Sofia is an awesome mom, great cook, full-time worker, and a blogger. Needless to say, she has great tips and insights for us. Check them out!

Kids' age: I have a daughter who just became a teen (13 years old) and a toddler who keeps me busy (2.5 years old)

Profession: Art Director for eCornell (online certificates from Cornell University)

State and country: A Portuguese living in Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Best advice to make your kids eat healthy / What is in their lunchbox? 
First and foremost I always have a bowl filled with fruit so to attract both my daughters but also their friends to choose fruit as a snack. Mornings start with some protein (sausages, bacon, chicken breast from the night before) and a fruit smoothie consisting of yogurt, soy milk and frozen organic fruit. They usually take lunch from home to school. I pack them some leftover from the previous night's dinner, fruit and some yogurt.

Kid gear you couldn't have lived without: 
Aluminum water bottles. We have a huge collection of them as I avoid buying plastic. Apart from that BPA free lunch boxes for them to take to school as well as in day trips.

Mantra to keep calm in chaotic moments: 
Two things, spending time outside working in the gardens and cooking with the kids. When away from home, sitting down, reading a book, some quiet time is always good for them and I.

Tricks to keep in shape: 
hmm...  have to work in this department. I have to make a better effort in thinking of myself, but one good thing is that seldom is the day our house has junk food or sodas, so that is a help. I do a lot of gardening work which also helps, but NEED to learn how to take an hour a day to do some type of exercise.

Best busy mom beauty trick: 
No make up and when I do use I make sure it is of high quality and with organic ingredients. I cannot seem to go to bed prior to washing my face and adding some Yes to Carrots night cream. During the summer when peeling cucumbers we all enjoy the ends of it and scrub our faces with it. It is great to clean it as well as very refreshing.

One green guilt:
Must I really say it? Well in busy days (especially with my teen's dance schedule) we DO pass by a fast food place, but I limit it to once a month.

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