Friday, June 10, 2011

Fan of the Week: Bethany Beets

We really think that our readers have a lot of knowledge to share! We love the new "Fan of the Week" postings because we always learn a bunch about parenting and lifestyle.

We are very excited to feature Bethany Sheets as our "Fan of the Week", from Massachusetts, USA:

Bethany's household went from hardly green in the past year to "greener by the minute",  as she said. She also mentioned that although her daughter was on cloth diapers, they practiced Elimination Communication, so at one year, she is out of diapers already! 
As a smart mommy, she buys her fruits and veggies from local farmers, and is looking forward to growing her own garden next year. 

Here is more of she has to say about being a green parent:

Best advice to make your daughter eat healthy during the Summer:
I'm answering in terms of an easy picnic lunch on the go for this summer!  She also doesn't have any teeth yet, so that makes it a little tricky but not too bad -- Our current favorite is whole wheat pita bread, homemade hummus, and a soft, ripe pear or peach.

Kid gear you couldn't have lived without:
We love our ergo carrier.  And my daughter is so happy when I pop her on my back and off we go!  (In the beginning it was a Moby.)

Mantra to keep calm in chaotic moments:
"Just get out the door."

Tricks to keep in shape:
Walk everywhere with a baby on your back.  And breastfeeding!

Best busy mom beauty trick:
I don't think I have one to be honest.  Looking forward to reading others' responses.  I figure everyone is looking at my cute baby instead of me anyway!

One green guilt:  
We need to convert our ziploc bags to some cute reusable bags ASAP!  I've seen some adorable ones on etsy!

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