Friday, June 17, 2011

Fan of the Week: Claudia Kalur

Meet Claudia Kalur, a bright interior decorator of children's spaces, and founder of A Room for Frances.
Claudia is also an experienced mom of a 2.5 year old daughter, Margot. She has a lot to share! We are thrilled to feature Claudia as our "Fan of the Week".

1.Best advice to make your kids eat healthy / What is in their lunchbox?
Avoid sweets at any cost, but not completely. Margot gets in her lunchbox everyday a Happy Baby Fruit Juice (organic juice filled with vitamins, fiber and Omega-3s); a YoToddler yoghurt (also filled with vitamins and omega-3s); an organic fruity cereal bar, her main meal (I try to always have at least one vegetable in it - she LOVES Dr. Praegger's broccoli and spinach dinosaurs), a piece of organic fruit (bananas or blueberries or strawberries) and a small container with cookies.

2.Kid gear you couldn't have lived without
Hmmm, we don't really have or really ever needed "gear". Margot never needed a stroller (or could sit long enough in one). I had a carrier, that I used only a couple of times at home, so that I could do dishes. We had a hiking backpack but used it once and as soon as she started walking, we never used it because she LOVES to walk with us. Ah, we do have a "harness" that we have used a couple of times - we love how safe it keeps her and she doesn't mind at all because she can still run and walk without feeling "tied" to us. We bought it in England where these children harnesses are very normal - it looks like a real harness around the chest (none of the doggie backpack things) and we've heard some weird remarks from people here in the USA but we don't care -- it's about keeping a highly active toddler safe and us having peace of mind!

3.Mantra to keep calm in chaotic moments: 
"she's only a toddler, you can't reason with a toddler, she's only a toddler", repeat as needed...

4.Tricks to keep in shape: 
Chasing a 2.5 year old...

5.Best busy mom beauty trick: 
Put the make up on in the car!

6.One green guilt: 
None of my beauty products are "organic". I've tried several brands and I always end up with my usual daily cream and make-up brands... 

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