Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pleasant Bath

There are a variety of baby bathtubs in the market. Most of them are cumbersome, based on our own experiences. And many are very hard on Mom and Dad's back. The Tummy Tub promises to make it a much more pleasant experience. It is womb-shaped, facilitating the baby’s transition from a familiar, safe place to an unknown world.  Bathing is stress-free because they are cradled in warm water in the reassuring fetal position.

The product is also a green choice in bathing! It conserves water- requiring only 1.3 gallons of water on average, approx. 2 1/2 gallons less than conventional baby baths.  It saves energy with the smaller surface space, water stays warmer longer and less energy is required t heat the water.  Made out of eco-friendly materials, the TummyTub is fully recyclable.

Made by TummyTub. Also sold through

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