Monday, December 21, 2009

Super Powered Antioxidant Açaí

Have you heard about Açaí? It is a very rich fruit coming from Brazil, loaded with vitamins, iron and calcium. Açai can be found in specialty food stores in the US (check WholeFoods, in the frozen food section). It makes a very delicious meal, ideal for breakfast and mid-afternoon snacks.

By the way... Açaí is a Portuguese word, and it uses a letter that we don't have in English. It looks like a c that has a little squiggle underneath, "ç", which indicates that the letter should be pronounced like "s". Açaí also has an accent on the "i", which means that you should emphasize that syllable. The word is actually quite easy to pronounce, “Ah-Sigh-EE”!

Here is a authentic recipe from Latin America!
- 400 grams of açai pulp.
- 1 banana.
- Juice of 1 orange.
- Honey or sugar, if needed. Try it without sugar first!
- Granola

Mix all the ingradients using a blender, except the granola, until the mixture has a smooth and creamy consistency. Serve immediately in bowls while cold. Add granola as shown in the picture. Yummy!

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