Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top Tricks to Keep Moving

Staying physically active and having healthy meals are the best things you can do for you (and your family). Those are the reasons why we keep bringing delicious healthy recipes and many motivational tips to keep you moving!
Here is another great list of tricks, from FitSugar, that will motivate you to exercise on a daily basis:
  1. Channel that glorious post workout feeling. Whenever you feel the instinct to skip a sweat session, imagine how accomplished and energized you feel after just 30 minutes or an hour of exercise. Just get there already.
  2. Make a date with a friend or fitness trainer. If you set a time to meet someone, you'll feel obligated to go, even when your mind and body are telling you otherwise.
  3. Create a healthy post workout routine and make time for it too. Reward yourself after a workout by scheduling extra moments to relax in the steam room, blow out your hair to perfection, get a hot coffee, or simply sit and enjoy an apple.
  4. Schedule your workout early in the morning before the day's distractions detour you from lofty intentions.
  5. Carry a motivational token or photo with you. When you feel like caving, look at it.
  6. Instead of going home to watch your favorite show on the couch, suit up and watch it on the treadmill. If your gym doesn't have TVs on each machine load up your iPod or iPhone.
  7. Try something new. Sign up for an exercise class you've never taken before, take a hike to a lookout spot, ride your bike to a new trail or work out at a different time.
  8. Avoid taking a physical dip by fueling your body with a healthy pre-workout snack. You'll have something to burn and a boost of protein to keep your eye on the prize.
  9. Give yourself a gold star. Plot out a reward system and treat yourself when you hit your goal of workouts per week, weight loss, or the finish line.
Source: Shine

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