Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fake Blueberry in Top Brand Cereals: Shocking....

The Consumer Wellness Center recently produced a Food Investigations video that looked at the actual blueberry content of several widely available packaged foods. It shows how Kellogs, General Mills, Betty Crocker, and other brands advertise plump, whole blueberries in their cereals and mixes, but deliever dextrose, corn flour, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, sugar, citric acid, artificial flavor, and food colorings Blue #1 and Red #40 instead.
Watch for yourself:


  1. Seems like common sense to me. I have never looked at these products and thought.... 'Yummmmm, blueberries'!
    Frozen blueberries added to cereal and muffin mixes are a great way to go. I even have bulk dehydrated blueberries for baking that work perfectly!

  2. How sad that they resort to using fake blueberries, and try to pass them off as wholesome and nutritious "blueberries". Thankfully I don't buy any of these major brands.