Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby And Me Eco-Giveaway: Last Call!!!

If you have a baby, don't miss this Eco-Giveaway. This is your last call!
The Baby And Me Bath Towel from Bathing in Grace is a great invention by a Mompreneur! This cleverly designed set of 2 towels allows you to bring your wet baby out of the water straight to your arms effortlessly (click here for pictorial illustration). The set includes a towel that you wear around your body like an apron, and a hooded baby-sized bath towel to wrap baby in after bathtime. It dries the baby, and keeps you from getting wet. What's more, the towels are very fluffy and soft, made with 100% organic bamboo terry cloth. Genius!

We like it so much that we have been giving it away (each set is worth US$56!). The last lucky winner will be announced on February 7, 2011.
It is very easy to participate:
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Winners will be selected randomly
"Baby and Me" towels are provided by Bathing In Grace.

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