Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making your Own Toys


Young kids love playing with different materials. That is a great opportunity to develop their creativity, and teach them their first lessons about renewable resources!

Large boxes, fabric, non-toxic glue and paint are ideal elements to have fun with. Ok, I’m far from being creative in arts with my hands, but just the experience is already worth it! A large box, cut on both sides can turn into a fun tunnel! A long and colored piece of fabric with different patterns becomes a little play field. An empty plastic container with coins inside can make interesting noises. Even a bunch of nylon sponges with different colors may turn into a puppet, which all toddlers love to play with! IMG_1629

Learning how to transform materials into creative pieces is a great skill to have for life. Wait until they are teenagers to buy them elaborate gifts, when they are definitely more demanding. Toddlers have fun with anything different that allows them to explorer forms and colors

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