Friday, July 17, 2009

Daily Agenda

Some people have asked me how I manage to juggle mom’s duties with the mompreneur role. My answer is that it’s definitely difficult but way worth it.

It is a joy having Lukas and my dog Samba around when I’m working on my websites, or having lunch. They make great co-workers! And the flexibility of working from home is absolutely priceless. But don’t take me wrong, there are several annoying things happening during my day as well.

Everything in my day is precisely organized timewise. Sometimes I have to use a crystal ball to schedule conference calls. Any unexpected item in the agenda and the often grouchy juggler comes to play. Unfortunately there is only so much I can predict…

Dedicating some breaks to play with the little one is also a very important part in my daily agenda. Not having Lukas in a daycare has its downside, and I need to make sure his social and cognitive development is compensated accordingly. Luckily, he is always smiling and hardly ever cries.

At the end of the day, it feels like I’ve just finished a marathon. The sense of accomplishment is what usually drives my evening mood. Only a few things are worse to me than an unproductive day.

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