Thursday, July 30, 2009

If You Are a Runner or a Walker

Walking or running are great ways to exercise. Being able to walk to the grocery store, a cafe, or to see my friends is a great opportunity to burn calories and save resources (gas and money!).

We got an “all-terrain” type of stroller that works really well. It is a bit heavy to take on trips, but a great gear to have in the city. The wheels are big and wide, so riding it on smooth or rough pavements is a breeze. And the suspension keeps the little one comfortable anywhere. Its large canopy protects my son against rain or sun. I also keep a net and an umbrella in the pocket, in case of mosquitoes, or rain to cover myself. A diaper changer, when I remember, is also useful to keep in the pocket!

There are several brands available in stores, most marketed as running strollers. The one we got is from BOB, but overall look for “all-terrain” features (large wheels and suspension) and a long canopy for protection.

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