Friday, July 10, 2009

How Many Strollers can One Child Have?

It never seizes to amaze me how much money new parents spend unnecessarily on strollers (and on baby gear in general!). Have you ever thought about the number of strollers per child in this country? Even during recessions you still see parents buying one stroller for short and another for long walks, yet another for a run, and an additional, and portable one, to leave in the trunk.

When the second baby comes, the shopping spree restarts for double versions. In total, by the time the second child hits her fifth birthday, there are about eight to ten strollers parked in the garage. And the cars are parked outside, of course!

When we had our baby, my husband and I decided to adopt the buy- on-an-as-needed-basis rule. We were surprised by how much gear we actually didn’t need! Brands start overwhelming parents with massive marketing from the moment you go to your first obstetrician appointment. By the time I was five months pregnant, we had already received four containers of formula and several $5-$10 coupons through the mail. A massive marketing to doubt our decision to breastfeed! Any class or seminar your register becomes part of a quite desirable industry mailing list.

Anyway, back to strollers, we bought one for all situations, a real all-terrain type with large wheels and tires to handle both snowed and rainy pavements, and another one a few days before our first international trip. We knew we were going to spent long hours connecting, and the umbrella stroller came in very handy to navigate through airports.

Every time I go to stores like Babies R Us, I amuse myself analyzing what people are buying. Hard to believe that devices such as a baby wipes warmer can make it to the store, and be sold! Waste of resources….

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