Friday, September 2, 2011

Mom of the Week: Kim Hanou

Meet Kim Hanou, a creative mom from Colorado. Kim, a former elementary school teacher, runs a very fun and entertaining blog, Too Much Time On My Hands, and an Etsy store.
She has 2 adorable kids under the age of 4.

Best advice to make your kids eat healthy / What is in their lunchbox?
I could not live without DIP! Dip has saved my life. Hummus, yogurt, applesauce, roasted red pepper and black bean dip. If my kids have dip, I can get them to eat almost anything! We also had a blast with our garden this summer. They are excited to help with the process and get really dirty and wet! Then when the veggies are ripe they will try everything, because they are the ones who grew it. They LOVE helping make homemade pizza with the tomatoes, basil, oregano, and peppers from the garden. They are so proud of their individual pizza creations and we have contests to see who's is the most colorful.

Kid gear you couldn't have lived without
My Ergo Baby carrier was the best when my kids were small. I tried 4 different carriers and they all broke my back. But I can actually still use it comfortably and they weigh 40 lbs! Although it isn't really "gear," I could not live without reusable snack bags. They are good for everything and I don't feel guilty using 4 ofr a trip to the pool like I did when I was using zip-loc baggies. I am learning  how to sew so I can make my own.

Mantra to keep calm in chaotic moments
My 2 1/2 year old has been giving me many stressful moments lately. I find myself saying, "He is only two, I know this will get easier." After living through the terrible two's once bfeore, I know it really does get easier!

Tricks to keep in shape
I am not naturally a big fruit and veggie person, but since having kids I have gotten so much better. I follow their lead and now eat all the healthy stuff I put out for them. They have motivated me to take better care of myself and get off my but and enjoy more time outside!

Best busy mom beauty trick
HATS! There are too many days, when I do not have time to tackle the daunting task of "doing" my hair. So I have invested in a bunch of really cute hats. They are dressier than baseball caps, but just as easy!

One green guilt
This summer my big green guilt has been sunscreen. I know it is terrible, but man that no-rub spray sunscreen is so easy when trying to get a  running 2 year old some protection from the sun. Up till know I have always used the Alba sunscreen, but we were just on a 2 week 3,000 mile road trip where we spent every day in teh sun. I went through 5 bottles of sunscreen and it was so easy, I do feel guilty though!

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