Monday, September 19, 2011

Household Chores for Kids

Giving children a few very simple household chores, starting as young as at age 2 or 3, is a very enjoyable experience (and a guaranteed fun for parents to watch!) Simple chores will make them feel helpful, and develop their sense of responsibility.
Little things like putting their own things away, sweeping with a little brush, and helping with gardening, cooking and setting the table can be quite fulfilling.
I learned from an early childhood teacher that putting together a general visual calendar to kids with their main daily activities can contribute to their organizational skills. Daily activities such as getting dressed, having meals, going to school, homework, brushing teeth, playtime and "lil'" chores can help them set expectations. Make sure the calendar is fun, with lots of images!

Do you assign chores to your little ones? What chores? Do they enjoy it?

Based on multiple sources, including Shine

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