Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Bacteria Colonies in our Pillows

According to Glamour Magazine, who reported on a study from, that looked at pillows and mattress pads from 50 college students around the country and found that they had, on average, "350,000 potential live bacteria colonies and 91,000 potential live yeast and mold colonies. 

And the mattress pads? 2 million potential bacteria colonies and 330,000 yeast and mold colonies." Germ expert, Dr. Lisa Shives, says that for most people, these levels of creepy crawlies is pretty normal, and isn't likely to pose a health risk, but for others it may. "Most of these microbes are part of the normal human condition, so if you're 25 and healthy as a horse, then this probably won't affect you," she says. "But for the millions who deal with conditions like chronic sinusitis, allergies or asthma--this is data that they should pay attention to and get rid of their old pillows and mattress pads, anything over one year old." You can also cut down on bacteria and skin cell buildup in your pillow by showering before bed, she adds. 

Personally, I like to put our pillows in the sun for a couple of hours on a weekly basis. In the Winter, I throw them in the drier for about 30 minutes. It doesn't hurt!

Source: Glamour Magazine

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