Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Six Simple Tips to Choose Safe Toys

There are plenty of safe and cute toys available in the market, but there are also a few traps to avoid! Here are 6 tips to spot safe toys!

1. Infant toys made of plastic often contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
PVC has been linked to cancer and other health problems. Most baby bottles, pacifiers and teethers also contain PVC. So look for "PVC-free" labels on plastic infant toys and bath toys.

2. Avoid phthalates.
They are added to PVC to make plastic soft and pliable. Phthalates are also carcinogenic and have been linked to infertility.

3. Paints on infant toys should be non-toxic and lead-free.
Toys painted with milk-based, oil based and beeswax paints are becoming more readily available.

4. Make sure your baby's wooden toys are made without toxic glues, paints and sealers.
A nostalgic toy is hardly worth the extra exposure to carcinogenic chemicals and preservatives. Generally, an eco-conscious toy manufacturer will let you know in the sales info and packaging.

5. Watch for the hidden hazards of plush toys.
You may already be investigating plush toys for button noses and whiskers that could come off, but also consider the materials they are made of. Furry friends are probably made from synthetic fibers derived from petrochemicals. The dyes used to color the fabrics can also be toxic.
A sewn toy could always tear or be punctured so be mindful of the guts. Pill or grain-sized stuffings are potential choking hazards.

6. Become familiar with the organizations that regulate toy safety in your country and stay on top of toy recall lists.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is responsible for monitoring toy safety in the US. The CPSC and the Toy Industry Association works with manufacturers, retailers and importers to set standards.

According to Toy less than 1% of the 3 billion U.S. toys sold each year are recalled. However, even the toy industry encourages parents to read labels and monitor playtime to ensure absolute safety. lists toys that have been recalled in the US this year.
In Europe, children's toys have a CE mark, which means the manufacturer has complied with European safety standards.

Source: Organic Baby Resource

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