Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gardening Improves Kids' Veggies Intake

Spring is the ideal time to start a garden. Motivating children to participate in gardening activities at home is a fun event! Programs and activities that connect children with healthful food through fun, hands-on events have a long term effect on their fruits and vegetables intake for life.

Studies published by the Journal of American Dietitian Association  show that in a particular sample, "most children (97.8%) enjoyed taste-testing fruits and vegetables. Children also liked preparing fruit and vegetable snacks (93.4%), working in their garden (95.6%), and learning about fruits and vegetables (91.3%). Impact data suggest that the intervention led to an increase in the number of fruits and vegetables ever eaten, vegetable preferences, and fruit and vegetable asking behavior at home."

It is really an obvious way to promote exercise, outdoor activities and healthy eating habits!

The University of Illinois launched a free kid-friendly step-by-step guide perfect for beginners. Click here to check it out!

Source: Journal of American Dietitian Association and University of Illinois 

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  1. This is fantastic. With the weather changing, spring is in the air, what a great time to initiate your kids to healthy eating by growing their own veggies