Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Dissected a Disposable Diaper

We opened a disposable diaper after soaking it with loads of water.
Did you know that it contains thousands of crystals that turn into gel when wet?
Yes, very interesting technology that allows our babies to feel dry, even after loads of pee.

We also did some research and found out a few positives and negatives. Needless to say, many positives can be listed about disposing nasty dirty diapers! It also keep babies dry, avoiding rashes.

Now the negatives, besides the obvious knowledge that disposable diapers are not environmentally friendly. We found out that the crystals are made of super absorbent polymers, which turn into gel when wet. If the diaper breaks open and ends up on baby's skin or mouth, the gel can cause gastrointestinal and skin irritation. So, never leave it for longer than 3 hours!
Another interesting negative is the fact that babies on disposable diapers take a much longer time to be potty trained because they don't feel the discomfort of wet pants. Interesting!

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