Friday, October 30, 2009

First Bites: Tips for Getting Started

We stumbled across these great tips from Australian nutritionist Leanne Cooper about getting started on solids. We know it is a big transition for little ones, but we think these tips will make it a bit easier on you too!

1. All babies are different. They eat different amounts, and progress at different rates. Just to make parents' lives more exciting!

2. Stick to a routine, creating eating habits.

3. Initially, offer breastmilk or formula first to ensure they get all nutrients each day.

4. Don't push them to eat too much to avoid upset tummies.

5. Make and store the purees thicker than you need to so you can thin them down and warm them up with boiling water, breastmilk or formula.

6. Select quality organic ingredients with a variety of nutrients and colors. When buying baby food, read labels carefully. Stay away from additives, sweeteners, fillers and thickeners such as starches.

7. Use clean utensils.

8. Never place solids in your baby's bottle.

9. Most babies prefer food at room temperature. Be careful with microwaved food. Temperature may be uneven.

10. Expect a mess!

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