Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Preverbal Communication

Dedicating time to communicate with our children is one of the wisest moves we can make. Studies have shown that dialogues help babies understand the world, and develop their communication process with other people.

A recent study published by the New York Times reinforces the benefits of communicating with young babies and toddlers by using gestures, vocalization imitation, laughter and facial expressions. At this early age, kids understand far more that they can say.

Speech experts recommend to "Talk while doing things and going places. When taking a walk in the stroller, for example, point to familiar objects and say their names. Use simple but grammatical speech. Expand on words. For example, if your child says 'car', you respond by saying: 'You're right! That is a big red car.'"

For more information, logon to The New York Times.

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