Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guide for Baby-Safe Bottles

We think that breast milk is the best feeding option for babies. However, if you need to use bottles, for breast milk or formula, the Environmental Working Group released a guide with interesting bottle best practices. Below are key points:
- Use clear silicone nipple: latex rubber nipples can cause allergies, and can contain impurities linked to cancer.
- Use glass bottles: plastic bottles can leach the toxic chemical BPA into formula or breast milk. Avoid clear, hard plastic bottles marked with a 7 or PC.
- Don't use plastic bottle liners: it can leach chemicals into formula when heated.
- Use filtered tap water: if you choose bottle water, make sure it is fluoride-free.
- Choose powered formula: toxic BPA leaches into liquid formula. Powdered formulas don't have BPA.

For more information, vist ewg.org

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