Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Car Sharing, a Great Concept

If you leave in a big city and don't need a car on a daily basis, you have to try a car-sharing service. It is incredibly useful and convenient. You pick a car at a convenient location, just slide your card and voila! Easy for shopping days, especially when you have kids. Having just two arms sometimes is limiting when pushing a stroller and carrying grocery bags at the same time.

The concept is absolutely great. You save tons of money by not having a car, and that is the green motivation to only use one when necessary, helping reduce CO2 emission. In fact, a Canadian car-sharing service company claims a 13,000-ton reduction in CO2 emission by its 11,000 members in Quebec, according to a Fortune source. What a great green concept!

And if this is not enough, the hourly rate is about $12 for a small car, generally including insurance and gas. What a bargain.

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