Thursday, June 4, 2009

Smart Necessity

Have I mentioned how much I love my smart phone? It's been 5 years since I got my first Blackberry from a previous employer. As a Mompreneur, and someone addicted to the news, it has saved me a LOT of time.

Every day I feel the need to read at least 4 online news sites, including CNN, my favorite The NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, and, a Brazilian news site.

As soon as I wake up, it is so easy to just click on that icon and read CNN headlines, then check pressing e-mails, logon to, and lastly get an update on my Facebook friends. Having moved so many times, friends are literally everywhere in the world.

My early morning Blackberry routine definitely takes the anxiety away from having to do many other things before connecting my laptop to the internet. Any mom knows that early morning is always busy trying to get kids fed, dressed and happy. And I also have Samba, my dog and adopted son, to take care of.
Oh, I almost forgot to add to the list feeding and dressing myself. Hahhh, so easy to forget amongst all other priorities....

Ok, now I can connect to the internet. I feel a real sense of pleasure! Time to slowly absorb The NY Times. This is such a great journal. Every column is a joy to read, from the content to the selection of words. A real piece of art.

Then, later on, I check the WSJ and Globo, to be a bit more worldly. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty for not reading a European site on a daily basis, but to solve that I subscribed to The Economist, the weekly printed version.

Anyway, without the portability of my Blackberry I wouldn't be able to squeeze all that into my daily routine. I have saved there a list of the great wines I've ever tasted, the groceries to buy next time I go to the store, the items to carry for our kid when we travel. I also have my 3 e-mail accounts and obviously can use it as a phone! Boy, what an spectacular gadget for moms!

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