Monday, June 8, 2009

Foodie Gadgets

Busy moms know how difficult it is to come up with healthy meals for their kids. Making them eat a variety of veggies, carbs, proteins and minerals is definitely a challenge. I've always been very committed with not only the quality of nutrients but also the development of Lukas' taste for great food! Being as international as we are, I want him to appreciate fine and simple ingredients. Trying new dishes and spices from different cultures is key!

Can you tell that I'm a foodie? Boy, I love great meals! The pleasant experience of going to farmers' markets in different countries tells me a lot about the country and the lifestyle. Coming from an Italian family made me very appreciative of the ritual of preparing and consuming meals..... I recall countless family events that evolved around the kitchen table!

I found that feeding my one year old organic homemade food meets my objectives. It is actually very easy. I freeze mashed veggies, chicken, fish, grains, etc in trays appropriate for food, they are similar to a covered ice tray. For each meal I defrost 4 or 5 different cubes, making sure the ideal nutritional combination is achieved.
It is a lot fresher than jar food, and the taste, a lot better!

Hand mixer and covered ice trays, another set of great tools for busy moms!

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