Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mompreneur's inpiration

I'm really trying to work hard this afternoon. Even though my cute son, and inspiration, is a few steps from me, sitting on the floor and playing with his favorite toys.
I'm lucky to have this big carpeted room, full of toys, a table and my laptop. This allows me to work from home, making me a real Mompreneur.

So, my first message will be a tribute to all Mompreneurs out there!

I've always been fascinated by how some home-based-business moms manage to build significant enterprises with such little time in their hands. During my long tenure working for Fortune 500 companies, I always thought that the freedom of working from home was a real deal.

Ok, it's hard to focus on a business plan with so many interruptions during the day; not only from kids but also from family members, sometimes inconsiderate of mompreneurs business hours ;)

What is the driver? How do they get there? While some are lucky, others are very determined to succeed. Not sure which one I fit in, but I know that it requires a lot of organization, discipline and persistence to juggle personal and professional tasks under the same roof. Immense self-motivation and intelligence definitely distinguish them from the crowd.

Many CEOs and VPs I've met during my career could definitely learn a lot from their Modus Operandi! Their ability to multitask is unprecedented, and their team-work skills, simply extraordinary!

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