Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Awesome Tips to Make Foods Healthier and Delicious

Are you always trying to make dishes healthier without compromising flavor? Here are 4 awesome tips to "healthyfy" foods, from Reader's Digest:
Use carrot juice in salad dressings 
For low-fat salad dressings with tons of flavor, replace one-fourth of the oil with carrot juice. 
Bananas are the secret to complex-tasting muffins 
For complex-tasting blueberry muffins with less fat, replace the butter in your favorite recipe with a mixture of mashed bananas and vegetable oil. 
Use yogurt for tender low-fat muffins 
Replace half of the liquid in the batter with yogurt. The acidity of yogurt helps to enhance tenderness in the absence of fat. 
Use mustard instead of egg to bread 
Mustard's claim to fame is as a condiment, usually on hot dogs, hamburgers, and sandwiches. But many chefs, when preparing lower-cholesterol breaded cutlets, replace egg with mustard, since bread crumbs adhere to mustard even better than they do to beaten egg. Plus, mustard's fat and cholesterol counts are virtually nil. Use this technique anytime you make cutlets, stronger-flavored fish, and even fried eggplant. 

Source: Yahoo, Readers' Digest

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