Monday, May 2, 2011

Kids Unbuckling Themselves

When my son was a little under 2 years of age, he started unbuckling his car seat restraints. It was so stressful! He could not understand the danger of that. He thought it was naughty and funny. Unfortunately the car seat manufacturer, Graco, did not have any provisions for that. Instead, they recommended me to tell my kid that it was dangerous...duhh! According to a recent study more than 40 percent of children who are able to unbuckle the restraints are doing so while the car is moving.
The study shows that "young children might acquire the motor skills to unbuckle from restraints before developing the cognitive ability to understand the necessity of automotive restraints."
As a solution we replaced our car seat with a Sunshine Radian.
Have you had this problem?



  1. my LO is only 10 months old and already playing with the buckles and pulling on the straps. So the Radian is "child proof?"

  2. Nope, just slightly more difficult to unbuckle!

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