Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Products Containing Carcinogen Chemicals

In a recent research published by the journal Environmental Science & Technology, amounts of flame retardants showed in baby’s products made with polyurethane foam, including nursing pillows, car seats and highchairs. The research found that foam samples from more than a third of the 101 baby products that were tested contained chlorinated Tris, and 80 of the products contained chemical flame retardants of some kind, some of which are considered toxic, though legal to use. In one instance, flame retardants represented 12 percent of the weight of the foam in a changing pad, but most products were closer to 3 to 5 percent. Products examined were changing pads, sleep positioners, portable mattresses, baby carriers, rocking chairs and highchairs. 
Fourteen of the products contained the flame retardant TCEP, which the State of California describes as a cancer-causing agent. Four of them contained Penta-BDE, a flame retardant that builds up in human tissue and that manufacturers voluntarily phased out in 2004; it is banned in many countries, but not the United States, and in some states, including New York.
Source: nytimes

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