Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kids Sunglasses

To protect your baby’s eyes from the suns harmful rays, sunglasses may be a great option.

We looked a few options and liked Baby Banz sunglasses. It fits securely using the neoprene strap, and is rated for 100% protection from harmful UV rays, meeting the stringent UV block out requirements of ANSI Z80.3 - 1996. It was originally designed for use in one of the toughest UV markets in the world, Australia.

The lenses can be popped out and replaced with prescription lenses as well. They come in blue, red or green.
Suitable from birth to approx 2 years.

Check them out!

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1 comment:

  1. I have these for my son (I got them on sale with a great sun hat from Baby Banz). It being that my son is almost 8 months and teething, he doesn't wear them, so much as pull them down into his mouth to chew on. Still they're supposed to fit up to age 2, so I'm hoping they'll get some wear eventually. They do stand up to teething pretty well though. :)