Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daylight Saving Time Shift Tips

It's always harder to adjust to the "spring ahead" time change (this year on March 11) than to the "fall back" change (on November 4).

Sleep experts suggest the following tips to dealing with the time switch:
  • Prepare a few days before. Reset clocks on Friday before bedtime. Or go to bed 15 or 20 minutes earlier for three or four days. 
  • For adults, perk up with coffee or another caffeinated beverage in the morning; avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening.  
  • Expose yourself to daylight soon after waking. 
  • Avoid bright light in the evening. Computer screens mimic daylight and throw your rhythm off. 
  • Practice good sleep habits, with a comfy bed, a quiet room and white noise to drown out sounds if necessary.   

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