Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fabulous Homemade Stick Deodorant

I've learned about this homemade stick deodorant, it's fabulous. Workout proof! You've gotta try it!! Thank you Little House in the Suburbs for posting this:

1. Put 1/4 cup each of baking soda and cornstarch** in a bowl with 10+ drops tea tree oil. (I didn't put any scent on mine, and it's great!)

2. This deodorant can be used as a powder, but if you want a stick, go to the shortening section of the store and buy coconut oil.
3. Stir 2+ TBSP in until it’s the consistency you like.

4. Smash into empty deodorant container. (Will be a bit sturdier once it sets a day or so.)

When applying this deodorant, use a lighter hand than you would with normal stick deodorant, especially the first couple of days or it’ll drop little balls on your bathroom rug.
Used correctly, this stuff is invisible and lasts for ages, as it works with a very light layer. You should not be able to see it once applied.
**If you have especially sensitive skin, increase the amount of cornstarch to 6T and decrease the baking soda to 2T.
One last note, keep it in the fridge during the summer.
Fabulous! Ten times better than any store bought version.


  1. I'm totally going to try this! Funny story- I brought up to my family that I'd make them some for Christmas if it worked and I'd start saving up my used deodorant bottles. haha! Seriously, gonna try it. Thanks!

  2. This totally works! Thank you! Sharing on my FB Page! :)

  3. Linked to your post on my FB Page here! Photo of my dad with his gift of homemade deo. :) Thanks!