Monday, March 14, 2011

Your Cup, Deconstructed

Are you confused by so many different versions and names for coffee drinks? Here is a simple standard guide. Keep in mind that some baristas may add their own twist to classics. Which one is your favorite?

Espresso - 1oz of single espresso
Cappuccino - 2oz milk foam, 3oz steamed milk and 1oz espresso (my favorite #1)
Latte - 1oz milk foam, 6oz steamed milk and 1oz espresso (my favorite #2)
Americano - 5oz hot water, 1oz of espresso (definitely not for me!)
Cafe Mocha - 1oz milk foam, 5oz steamed milk, 1/2oz chocolate syrup, 1oz espresso and whipped cream on top (some countries in Latin America call this one Cappuccino)
Expresso Macchiato - 1/2oz milk foam, 1/2oz steamed milk, 1oz espresso

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