Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Insightful Ideas on How to Eat More Vegetables

New York Times readers submitted 600 suggestions on ways for Americans to eat more vegetables. Interesting insights came up:
- Stop trying to sell vegetables for their health value (and stop scolding people for failing to eat enough of them) and instead focus on the positive — the delicious flavors and colors that can add so much variety to meals and snacks
- Start young: Give children a taste for fresh vegetables early on — very early. Hungry children are likely to eat what is readily available. If instead of cookies and chips, there is a platter of ready-to-eat vegetables or a bowl of cherry tomatoes handy, they just may eat them.
- Focus on flavor: instead of boiling vegetables, sautee them with olive oil, garlic, etc. Taste is very important!

- Juiced vegetables is also a great option.

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