Thursday, September 30, 2010

Have You Had Your Veggies Yet?

Three out of four Americans don't eat their daily vegetables and fruits. Shame on you/us!

Easy homework to do, but somehow convenience is always calling...
Here are a few tips to try to incorporate more veggies in our diets:

1. Plan ahead
Pre-slice fruits and vegetables at home and bring them to work/school to snack on through out the day.

2. Eat seasonal produce
As we fall into Autumn, get inspired by seasonal dishes. Eating seasonal produce means eating fruits and vegetables at their freshest and most delicious.

3. Add vegetables to your favorite meals
Include fruits and vegetables into salads and heartier meals that you would not necessarily think to, such as salads, pasta sauces, smoothies, etc

4. Go vegetarian, at least once a week
A vegetarian diet isn't for everyone, but mastering even one delicious vegetarian meal a week can make a big difference for your health.

5. Make it fun
Make a family occasion out of it like "Fruit Night Fridays," "Berry Sundays/Sundaes," or "Monday Night Crudite."

6. Get the kids involved
Have your kids think up exciting ideas that they would want to eat and make it a project you can share with them.

7. Journal your daily fruit and veggie intake and monitor it
Try and see if you can increase just one more serving a day for a few months. In no time, it will become a daily habit, you will look better and feel healthier!
Sources: Yahoo and The Daily Green

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