Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Things, huge Impact

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Little things can have a huge impact on growing kids, affecting their psychological, cognitive and social developments.

Kids tend to imitate their parents all the time, and this dynamic plays a big role in their development. What is familiar, weird, right, wrong, acceptable, impolite, etc, will be a reflection of their frame of references.

Even little things such as how our attitude fluctuates with our emotions, can affect a child’s behavior. If you are mad and tries to control your kid by raising your voice (yelling), it can be interpreted in their little minds as an effective way to intimidate and control others.

Cognitive development can also be hugely improved by parents and childcare providers with proper stimulation. The word “Cognitive” comes from the Latin root “cognoscere” meaning “to become acquainted with”, “to come to know”. Talking to them, explaining the reasoning behind actions, situations and problems can help them understand the world, and learn the “cause and effect” rule. Allowing kids to communicate their points of view brings confidence and develops their thought process.

This is our golden opportunity to maximize their development, taking it to the best possible direction!

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